Check Your Home to See If You Need Foundation Repair

Every building, except for those that sit on the ground, has a foundation. This foundation supports the walls and the roof. Without a solid foundation, your home could collapse. The downside is; every home, office, or playhouse will start settling from the minute it is built. This means you need to know what to look for so that you can check your home to see if you need foundation repair.

The easiest way to check your foundation is to walk around your home and look for it. If you have doors and windows that are sticking or do not open easily, cracks in the interior or exterior walls, gaps that appear between the molding and your ceiling or on the floor, and other openings that should not be visible, there is a good chance that your home has settled a substantial amount. You can also look at the wallpaper you have installed because sometimes as the home settles, wallpaper will rip or crease.

Other, harder to notice issues may include nail pops, where you can see that a nail is no longer flush against the sheetrock. Even if the nail is covered by wallpaper or paint, you may still see the bubble where it is pushing out against the wallcoverings. Your floors may also slope to one area. If it is something you have to put effort into feeling, chances are good, it isn’t that severe, but if you can feel yourself walking downhill, the problem is definitely going to need repairs in the near future. In the event that it isn’t a major issue and you choose to put off repairs; keep a close eye on it.

Your basement may also tell you about the foundation of your home. Make sure you check there for cracks as well. You should also look at the wall to see if it is bowing in. Bowing in will mean that the soil is expanding and pushing against the foundation. Overtime, wet soil can push against basement walls and then when dry it will pull back away and can cause weak spots that may be hard to notice.

Foundation issues are not something that happens overnight. It takes years for issues to develop and have an effect. Therefore, at the first sign of issues, you should take the time to look further and fix the issues that are there.


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