Tips to Help You Maintain and Avoid Expensive Foundation Repair

Most people look at their home with its sagging floors and cracked exterior walls and think that they need to hire a professional. In some cases, you should. If you have large cracks and floors that make you dizzy just by walking through, then you should seek a professional to help. However, if your home is just beginning to show signs of problems, you can handle some routine maintenance without the help of a professional. Doing so now could save your home’s foundation by strengthening it. All you have to do is follow these tips to help you maintain and avoid expensive foundation repair costs for a little while longer.

If you notice that there is a crack under your window; you should immediately attempt to repair it. The best way to do this is by using epoxy to fill it in, especially if it is a crack on the exterior of your home. However, if you have concrete inside your home, you can use the epoxy there as well.

A common cause of foundation issues is the soil that surrounds your home. Soil gets wet when it rains and this causes it to expand and push against your home’s foundation, adding a little extra support. Then, if your soil dries out, it will contract. This removes the support that was there and can eventually cause the foundation to bow in. To prevent this from happening, you may want to keep your soil consistently moisturized. The catch is, you do not want to over-saturate the area around your home either. This is why gutters are important. You do not want water to collect near your home and stay there.

Leaky water pipes can pose a threat to a home’s foundation as well. Water damage affects more than the sheetrock in your home. It may rot wood and also cause the concrete foundation to flex more than it should. Take the time to inspect your water pipes, both under your home and all irrigation systems to be sure that excess water is not sneaking out on you and damaging your home’s foundation.

If you monitor your home’s foundation, you may still eventually need to have a professional come in to repair the issues that are there. The good news is, by understanding what effects your foundation the most, you can avoid it for a while longer.


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